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sauvignon 2019

Sauvignon 2019 returns for the second time in New Zealand. The world’s leading wine producers, experts and key influencers will shine the spotlight on this diverse, expressive and sought-after variety. The event will run over three days from 28 - 30 January 2019 in Marlborough. 


Sauvignon 2019 will explore the complexity of Sauvignon Blanc, emerging styles, vineyard practices, winemaking influences and its future.


There will be opportunities for guests to sample over 200 different examples of Sauvignon Blanc from across the globe, to learn from experts in the field of science, research, journalism and gastronomy.


The programme will feature international tastings at renowned winery locations, seminars and panel discussions, keynote speakers from both inside and outside the world of wine, and some truly unique dining experiences.

About Sauvignon Blanc

Originated in the Bordeaux region of France, today Sauvignon Blanc is grown around the globe - throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia, Chile and New Zealand. New Zealand’s Marlborough region started commercially growing Sauvignon Blanc in 1970s. The region's distinctive style continues to grow in popularity, creating interest from the global wine industry.


17% of the world’s Sauvignon Blanc originates from New Zealand, despite New Zealand producing less than 1% of the world’s wine. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc exports are valued at over 1 billion dollars and have the potential to reach 2 billion dollars by 2023. ​

Sauvignon Blanc is a wine varietal with wide consumer appeal. From fresh vibrant aromatic flavours to the elegant barrel fermented wines. A staple on restaurant wine lists around the world, matching perfectly with fresh flavours particularly seafood.

Meet the Sauvignon 2019 Committee
Patrick Materman

Pernod Ricard 

Clive Jones-300-300-300-300-crop.jpg
Clive Jones


Loren Coffey

Event Coordinator

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