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Matt Kramer Photo.jpg
The Future of Sauvignon Blanc

Matt Kramer

Sauvignon Blanc's ongoing place in the world of wine. Video recording only. 

Steve Smith.jpg
Deep Impact - The Effect of Climate Change on Winemaking Purity

Steve Smith MW

An in-depth examination of the implications of climate change on winegrowing and how we adapt. Watch the video here

Dr. Roger B Boulton-0-300-0-300-crop.jpg
Sustainability in Action

Prof. Roger Boulton

A thought-provoking overview of sustainable winemaking practices compared to current practices, what future sustainable wineries might look like, and what research and development is needed to achieve this vision. Watch his presentation here

Geoff Thorpe1.jpg
Toitu 2020

Geoff Thorpe

The story of one company's attempt to redefine and reclaim the term sustainability, and some of the surprising discoveries they have made on their journey. Watch the presentation here

Purity Unravelled - The Myths and Realities of Food Matching

Tim Hanni MW

An interactive session where Sauvignon Blanc flavours and associated food matches will be turned on their heads. Watch the full tasting here

David Jordan Head shot 2018.jpg
A New Generation of Sauvignon Blanc Drinkers

Dr David Jordan and Richard Lee

An insight into the Lighter Wines Research Programme and some of the practices that enable New Zealand to successfully craft premium, naturally lighter in alcohol Sauvignon Blanc. Watch their presentation here. 

Dirceu Vianna Junior_edited.jpg
How Do You Like Your Sauvignon Blanc?

Dirceu Vianna Junior MW

A presentation of a Lallemand funded UK study, where consumer preferences of different styles of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc were compared to the preferences of journalists and wine buyers

Reaching Consumers in the Digital Age

Paul Mabray

Adapting to a changing world and how to connect with new consumers, with a focus on the US market. 

Sauvignon Blanc: the soundtrack

Melanie Brown

Melanie asks wine personalities what song best represents New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to them. 

Sam Harrop MW.jpg
Sense of Place

Sam Harrop MW

The influence of place on how Sauvignon Blanc expresses itself. An exploration of a world of Sauvignon Blanc. Watch his full presentation here or read it below. 

justine tate-0-300-0-300-crop.jpg
New Zealand's Pure Approach to Sustainability

Justine Tate

A look at the NZ wine industry's continuous improvement programme for sustainability. Watch the presentation here

Approaching Purity the Organic Way

Jonathan Hamlet

A revealing of the benefits and challenges of taking the organic pathway with Sauvignon Blanc. Watch the video here

Cameron Douglas 2.jpg
Get Somm - Views from the Floor

Cameron Douglas MS

What do US somms think of NZ Sauvignon Blanc? What do they know outside of the classical style and what advice do they have? 

David Allen MW.jpg
An Examination of NZ Sauvignon Blanc's Relative Success in it's Major Markets

David Allen MW

An analysis of Wine-Searcher's data showing where in the world our Sauvignon Blancs were sold in 2018 and how they fared against the competition. Watch his presentation here

The Pursuit of Excellence

Debra Meiburg MW

A specific look at Sauvignon Blanc in the Asian market, and how it relates to luxury goods and prestige. Watch her presentation here

Justin Howard Sneyd at Decanter.jpg
The Pursuit of Market Success

Justin Howard-Sneyd MW

A look beyond short-term challenges in the UK market, with advice to producers looking to develop a stable and thriving future business for Sauvignon Blanc in the UK. Watch his presentation here

Sarah Heller MW
Pursuing New Customers in Asia

Sarah Heller MW

Insights into how Asian consumers'diverse cultural backgrounds influence their flavours and packaging preferences. Practical tips for harnessing the region's rising wealth and digital savviness to enter or grow these markets. Watch her presentation here

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