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Steve Smith MW
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Patrick Materman
Debra Meiburg
Jonathan Hamlet
New Zealand

Having spent almost 20 years in the wine industry, Jonathan is as passionate as ever about creating exceptional wines that reflect where they are grown.


Jonathan presently holds the role of Hawkes Bay Regional Viticulturist, having started with Villa Maria 11 years ago as the manager of Joseph Soler Vineyard - the companies first organic block. Expanding and bringing commercial reality to organic production has been one of his specific projects at Villa Maria. His current role is responsible for overseeing all of Villa Maria's Hawke's Bay grape production from the company, lease and grower blocks.


Jonathan completed a degree in Parks, Recreational and Tourism Mgmt at Lincoln University, focusing on conservation ecology, before spending over 2 years living in the United Kingdom and travelling through Europe, North and South America. Working and travelling in Europe sparked his desire to enter the wine industry. Returning to New Zealand, I completed a Post Grad Dip in Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University.


Jonathan has been on the Organic Winegrowers Exec committee since 2008 and has chaired the group since 2014. He presently sits on the advisory committee for the NZW Vineyard Ecology project and also has 6 years Sales and Marketing experience in the USA for Villa Maria.

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